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"What knowledge do you seek?"




Jinn is a 3-aura unit in RWBY: Amity Arena. Unlocked at Frozen Lands, Jinn is a card that summons Jinn to stop the time of everything around the target ally.



Active Skill (ve)
Stop the time of everything around the target ally for a duration.
Level Duration.jpg
Time Stop Duration
Skill Range.jpg
Skill Range
Effect Area.jpg
Time Stop AOE
Cooldown Time.jpg
Cooldown Time
1 3.5 second(s) No restrictions 5 16 second(s)
2 3.5 second(s) No restrictions 5 16 second(s)
3 3.5 second(s) No restrictions 5 16 second(s)
4 3.5 second(s) No restrictions 5 16 second(s)
5 3.5 second(s) No restrictions 5 16 second(s)


Stats (ve)
Level HP.jpg
Deploy Time.jpg
Deploy Time
1 1522 0.5 second(s) 30 second(s)
2 1674 0.5 second(s) 30 second(s)
3 1841 0.5 second(s) 30 second(s)
4 2025 0.5 second(s) 30 second(s)
5 2227 0.5 second(s) 30 second(s)


Card Info

A card that summons Jinn to stop the time of everything around the target ally.

In the battle against the Leviathan Grimm, Ruby Rose used the Relic of Knowledge to buy herself some time. Though amused by it, Jinn kindly asked that it never be used like that again. Buuut, that's in real life. While this, is a game. So nothing can stop us from abusing it!

Are you ready to stop time and use it to your own advantage?? Because we sure are! Jinn doesn't have to... "know!"

"I will not allow you to use me without a question again... Even if this was clever." -Jinn



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